What is Qigong?

Qigong (Chi Gong) is the skill of using your Internal Energy at will. Your Internal Energy can be used to heal and maintain your, or even another's, well-being, to aid your Martial Art Skills or to help unlock and focus your artistic skills, such as, painting and music.

Here at the Institute of Asian Arts, the primary focus of our Qigong (internal energy skill) are the standing, sitting and lying down postures. Our focus is on Energy Retention, Cultivation and Healing. These are also complimentary to our Martial Qigong Disciplines. Qigong image

The many benefits of practicing Qigong are just now being documented here in the West. There is a whole new field of Western medicine opening up called: Energy Medicine. Energy Medicine is the generic term that refers to methods of treatment and diagnosis using different energies ranging from electromagnetic, electrical and other bio-photonic and bio-physical processes.

Regular Qigong (Chi Gong) practice has been shown to: 

  •   Lower high blood pressure.
  •   Strengthen the immune system. 
  •   Improve the function of the respiratory system. 
  •   Strengthen our muscles and sinews.
  •   Increase the flexibility of our muscles and the range of motion of our joints.

Most people who say they practice Qigong, refer to their performing certain actions at a specific time. While this means they practiced a specific form of Qigong at a certain time; I believe that we are always doing Qigong. Everything we do is Qigong.

What is Yoga?

" I Have More Energy."

" I Feel Better."

"It Cured my...."

"I Sleep Much Better."

"I am So Much More Relaxed."

"Yoga helped me lose Weight and Keep it Off!"

"For the first time in years, I can Bend Down and Touch my Toes." 
Zen Garden ImageThese are just some of the Exciting Positive things we hear almost everyday about Yoga. But, just what is Yoga? And what exactly do you have to do to achieve these Wonderful Benefits?

Let me Start at the Beginning--with the not-often-seen Truth about Yoga:

Yoga is a huge subject. So huge, in fact, that most people lose sight of the Why, What, When and How of Yoga. The funny thing is that none of those answers are necessary to reap many of Yoga's countless benefits to help you cope with Everyday Living.

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It’s a paradigm shift to not rush, and it’s worth the gentle self-correction, in my view.

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I like the concept very much. I’m practicing asking myself a few questions when I start to question the rightness of life. The first question is “Is that true?”. That alone is transformational. Thank you.

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I agree; however, it would be important for me to include the person or persons involved in the preparation of the meal, as well as, God for giving us the privilege to enjoy the meal with friends and family. I am grateful and thankful for each and every meal; and, all that I have, I thank God every day.

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