Unification (Part I)

February 2010

I am sorry to say that IMHO most people have missed the boat when it cones to what Life is All About. Western Religions have taken the point of view that the meaning of life is to be accepted by their God during their life time; so that, when their life is over, they can be rewarded by somehow being in the presence of their God. I propose that in order to be accepted by your God, you have to achieve some kind of Unity/Union/Harmony with Him/Her. After all, it is not reasonable to expect to be accepted into the presence of and invited to "live with" a stranger for a long time (Forever).

However, the problem is that for most people the way to achieve this is to allocate a small part of themselves to achieve this goal. This then enables them to use all of their remaining resources to live the life they think they want to live.

This then begs the question: Where is the Unification or Unity of their life with that of their God? At best, the method most people employ would lead to a very small partial Unity or Harmony. The rest of themselves is in dis-Harmony. What good can this be? I say there is no such thing as partial unity or harmony. It either is or isn't.

In order to achieve Unity or Harmony with anything outside of yourself, I say you must be first become unified and harmonized with yourself. This is the Eastern Way. The teachings of Yoga and Daoism begin with Unifying yourself.:

  • First, on the physical level.
  • Secondly, on the energetic level.
  • Thirdly, on the emotional level.
  • Lastly on the spiritual level.

It is not impossible to do all four levels at once. it is just almost impossible for the average person. And, even if you can do all the levels at once, it still means you have unified the body, energy and mind with the spirit.

That is why Hatha Yoga, Qigong and Taiji (Tai Chi) teach us how to unify our body's physical actions. If one has a "good' teacher, he/she will also begin to lay the foundations of more than just the physical actions. The instructor will hand out small jewels of wisdom along the way. These jewels are planted in our subconscious; just like seeds are sown on the ground with the hope that if the conditions are favorable, they will sprout, grow and bear fruit.

My purpose in creating this web site is to fill this gap in the instruction most students of Yoga, Qigong and Taiji receive. I hope you noticed that I did not say the problem was with the instructors. It is just that in today's universe of inexpensive group classes, their is no time to devote to these subjects.

Instruction in these subjects has to become very personal at some point. Unlike looking at physical actions, the understanding one develops from listening to  nebulous words on esoteric subjects is totally dependent upon the state of being of the student.