The Truth about Yin & Yang or The Unity of Opposites in Life

Mention the word meditation, and most people envision someone sitting in an uncomfortable position with their eyes closed, trying empty their minds and think of nothing until they can’t take it any more.

This is actually probably an accurate portrayal of many would-be meditators. However, even if the portrayal of the meditator is correct, the meditator’s process is all wrong.

First and foremost, meditation is a state of consciousness. It is not a place, position, train of thought or method of breathing; even thought all of these things may facilitate the onset of the state meditation.

Traditional Yoga texts refer to four states of consciousness:

· Waking

· Dreaming Sleep

· Dreamless Deep Sleep

· Turiya

Only in Turiya are you meditating. In fact, that is what Turiya is. It is the state of consciousness known as meditation. It is a state of unbounded Bliss based upon Union with That Which Is. Therefore, Turiya is both Meditation and Yoga.

Now for the bad news: you cannot consciously go there and enter into Turiya. Turiya will come to you when you are ready to receive it and not before. It is the same process as with any other state of consciousness. No matter how much you may want to go to sleep or to dream, you can’t get there using the force of your will.

You can prepare yourself physically, mentally and emotionally; but, that is the best you can do. You can’t do more than that. If that is not enough, guess what? You are out of luck. You won’t go to sleep or dream.

Are you ready for some more bad news: the state of true Turiya is extremely difficult to obtain and thus is relatively rare.

But, what about all of those people who seem so peaceful, so removed from their everyday reality? What about them?

Yes, they are very peaceful and removed from their everyday reality. But, what has that got to do with Turiya and meditation? Nothing.

What most of us call meditation is just some form of concentration. "Meditators" meditate on some Divine or saintly entity, some desirous virtue or quality, some prayer or mantra, their breath, etc. They are still conscious as we define consciousness.

But, what about those people who get so absorbed in meditating that they do not see or hear what was going on around them?

Haven't you ever seen someone who was so engrossed in a book or daydream, that they did not hear people calling their name or the door bell ringing? In fact, they may not even be located where you see them. Of course, their body is where you see it. But their mind, their consciousness is somewhere else.

Do you think they were meditating? No. They were just concentrating intensely on their book.

I do not wish to down play the importance of or the benefits of these kinds of concentrations. Let’s just not confuse this state of mind with a state of consciousness.

Think about it. If we achieved Union with something that was not of our normal reality, how can we still be bound to this reality? Therefore, Yoga = = Meditation = Turiya and not this reality.

We will still be in this reality. We will just not be of this reality. We will no longer belong to it.

Obviously, in order to accomplish this extraordinary feat, we must be in control of our Internal Energy. Therefore:

Meditation = Pranayama = Qigong = Meditation = Yoga

The good news is that Turiya is something all of us should aspire to. Remember, as in everything else worthwhile, it is the journey that is important even if we never reach wherever it is we think we may be heading to.

It is said by some that only Enlightened beings can experience Turiya. I guess that means most of us have some work to do before we will being to truly meditate.