The Spirit of Smiling: Perfecting the Art of Surrendering to The Way

My book, The Spirit of Smiling: Perfecting The Art of Surrendering to The Way, has just been published by The Institute of Asian Arts.™

Description: The Spirit of Smiling

Smiling: What could be simpler?

That is the premise of this thoroughly practical, eye-opening book.

Smiling is simple because we, as in “ourselves,” don’t get in the way of or interfere with the process of smiling.

If you:

  • wish more things could be as simple as smiling
  • are tired of experts making these important concepts so complex that they are difficult to understand
  • would like help to see what is hidden in plain sight

then Gary Giamboi has written this book just for you!

Of course, along the way to simplicity, Giamboi has to demystify several related subjects, such as Mindfulness, Free Will, “teaching” vs. “learning,” cultivating wisdom, non-duality, purifying one’s heart, etc. However, the unifying theme is always the same: things must be simple.  If they are not, it means someone (usually ourselves) has messed them up.

Drawing upon his over forty years of experience to keep this book simple and straightforward, the author avoids impenetrable words and concepts as much as possible. Instead, Giamboi has filled this book with illuminating stories and metaphors.

The experts hail this book as: “truly a treasure…to refer to again and again”; “…a practical book, a ‘get to the point’ opportunity”; “a beautiful, inspiring practical guidebook”; “lucid and clearly written.”

It has received great reviews from a world class Yogi, a Daoist priest, a Jewsih Spiritual Councilor and more.

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