Sambar (Recipe)

February 2010


Sambar  (a light, spicy Indian vegetable soup):


   1. 10 oz. Toor Dal (you can get this in an Indian Grocery)
   2. 1 bell pepper (a color of your choosing)
   3. 2 Zucchini chopped into bite size pieces
   4. 1 Yellow Squash chopped into bite size pieces
   5. 1 Fresh Tomato (chopped)
   6. 5 small red potatoes chopped into bite size pieces
   7. 1/2 cucumber into bite size pieces
   8. 2 Kirby cucumbers into bite size pieces
   9. 2 Onions Chopped small
  10. 1/2 brick of Tamarind, de-seeded and softened
  11. 3 Tbsp. Sambar powder (you can get this in an Indian Grocery)
  12. 3/4 Cup Ghee
  13. 4 TBsp. Mustard seeds
  14. Handful of Split Chana (dried split Chick peas)
  15. Chili Pepper to taste
  16. 1 Tbsp. Cumin seeds
  17. 1/2 cup Curry leaves


   1. Fill a large pot with 3 qts. water, bring to a simmer, add the toor dal and cook until the dal starts to fall apart.
   2. Add All the Vegetables and cook on Med heat for about 2 hours (they will be falling apart at this point).
   3. Add the Sambar Powder to the soup
   4. Press the Tamarind paste through a strainer and add to the soup.
   5. Heat the Ghee in a Wok until hot (not smoking). Add the Mustard Seeds and Chana Dal and fry until the seeds begin to pop.
   6. Then, add the remaining spices and stir fry for approximately 3 minutes.
   7. Add the contents of the Wok to the Soup.
   8. Serve with Brown Rice or as a side dish to any meal.