Qigong In The Times Of India

January 2010

Here is a recent article from The Times of India helping to corroborate my claim of the Universality of True Internal Energy Systems:

'Qigong' workout is Indian, yet Chinese

Norbert Rego 3 September 2009, 11:00am IST

It is a Chinese exercise form, although its roots lie in ancient
Indian yogic practices. Qigong is often practiced alongside the more
Qigong classes (Getty Images)
Chinese exercise Tai Chi Chuan.

Qigong exercises involve various breath control techniques, meditation
and relaxation. It is similar to pranayama. While doing Qigong, the
practitioner spends little energy, but at the end of a session there
is profuse perspiration, little elevation in blood pressure, but
increased levels of energy.

“The set of Qigong exercises, if practiced regularly, will provide the
practitioner with a healthy body, immune to most common illnesses,
peace of mind, a strong will and the energy to achieve whatever one
sets out to do,” says Christopher Fernandes of Sevangi, Mumbai, who
has been trained in the field of traditional Chinese martial arts by
the late Lama Sevang Migyuar Nobu.

What is Qi or Prana?

Qi is the energy or natural force, which fills the universe. The word
Qi can represent the energy itself, and it can also be used to express
the manner or state of the energy. It can be generally defined as any
type of energy, which is able to demonstrate power and strength. This
energy can be correlated to electricity, magnetism, heat or light.

Different types

Medical Qigong : used for health, healing, and illness prevention
Martial Qigong : specifically designed for martial artistes to build
up strength, and a heavy conditioned body
Taoist Qigong : designed for building longevity, and reverse the aging process
Buddhist Qigong : designed for mind expansion and extraordinary
potential for spiritual development.

* It provides the body with complete cardiovascular workout. It also
tends to massage the internal organs, develops internal pressure of
14.7 psi (per square inch), stretches and tones the fascia muscles
from the inside out, just by combining breathing with internal
isometric exercise and visualization.
* It forms a protective sheath around our delicate cellular and neural
circuitry, like a surge protector that safeguards a computer from
shorting out during a thunderstorm.
* Qigong is designed to fine tune our own electromagnetic field, more
closely with those of the sun and the moon, stars and planets. This
fine tuning helps balance and invigorate the nervous and immune

In the initial phase, it will:
Stimulate : It will relax the muscles and stimulate the circulation of
the energy, working from head to toe, using a combination of
self-massage, stretches and balance exercises with aided
Detoxify : When the blood and Qi flow are stimulated, oxygen can
easily reach the muscles, and stimulate the meridians -- increasing
the circulation and removing all blockages in the pathway of the
meridians, which will lead to total detoxification.
Nourish : Once total detoxification is completed, the body will be
nourished for mind expansion and finally to connect the body with the
energy of the universe and beyond.

How does Qigong help circulate the energy in the body?
The idea of Qigong is to fill the body with energy from the outer
surface of the skin to deep within the marrow — down to the cells. The
energy is like a train — the railway lines are the meridians,
channels, pathways or nadis, and the stations are the acupuncture
points or the marma points. The energy always moves through the
meridians and in case if it is excess or depleted, it will be at the
acupuncture point. If the energy moves in a smooth path, then one
experiences a perfect state of health.

The Qi is collected at the three energy centres in the body. They are
also called dan or the cauldron — lower dan tien (below the navel or
the womb centre), the middle dan tien (solar plexus) and the upper dan
tien (third eye). As the energy consolidates, it rises up through the
top of the head through these dan tiens. These dan tiens also act as
switches, which allow energy to be directed through the many channels
(12 + 8).

As we all know magnetism of the earth runs between the North and the
South poles, if we align with this energy, with the working of our
body, then we can have maximum benefits. The Yin energy flows in front
of the body and the Yang energy flows at the back of the body, and
when the flow of Yin and Yang is united within the body, one can begin
to achieve a greater harmony with the Yin and Yang of the universe —
called as the microcosmic orbit.**