The Problem With Being Human

 January 2010

As if you didn’t know it already, it is actually difficult for most of us humans just to live our day to day lives. Sure, we can blame Fate, Karma, Luck, the Original Sin, Adam and Eve or whatever else strikes your fancy.
However, have you ever taken the time to notice that this seems to be a uniquely human problem? No other creature big or small, animal or plant, aggressive or passive seems to have the same kinds of difficulty in living their lives as they should as us humans do.
Exactly which difficulty(ies) am I referring to? Well, I don’t mean the day to day troubles of getting enough to eat or avoiding being eaten, getting sick, finding a mate, etc. The difficulty I am referring to is the problem of being no more or no less than human.
Think about it.
Does anything else in Creation try to be what it isn’t?
Does anything in Creation have a problem knowing how to be what it is?
Not that I know of.

Everything knows exactly what is expected of it and acts according to its own innate nature. Even beings on the different planes of existence act according to their nature. Demons and Devils act just like Demons and Devils without any remorse. Beings on the higher planes, such as angels and other gods, do good things without having to think about it.
Only humans get confused. Why? Because we have more than one nature. Why?

Because we have more than one body and/or soul.   We have our body made of flesh and fueled by desires and it is tied to this plane of existence. We also have a soul (or whatever you want to call our spark of the Divine) which belongs to the Higher Planes.

In Yoga, their Rishis (seerers) say we have 5 sheaths or bodies starting with the grossest sheath (our body) and ending with our Blissful Sheath. The Chinese keep it simpler. Their sages say we have two souls: the Hun, or higher soul, and the Pun, or lower soul; and thus we have two natures at war with each other.
Our Heart is caught between our different natures; and, it can produce desires which can attract energies from the Higher or Lower Planes of Existence. It is our choice. Or if you believe in Karma, it was our choice.
Which desires it projects upwards to our mind depends upon our Karma, our Intellect, our Life Style, the people we associate with the most and of course, our Free Will.
Therefore, depending upon whether our life is heading Upwards or Downwards, it can be either a curse or a blessing. If you decide to identify with your baser nature, your spark of the Divine will never let you be at peace. If you chose to identify with the Higher Realms, your ego will also try to drive you to satisfy its desires.

So what’s a person to do?
Simple. You must decide which Nature you truly are and act accordingly. Since we all eventually lose our bodies and our gross nature, this should be a simple choice. However, our egos put up a very tough fight to keep control of lives. Its specialties are subterfuge and impersonation. It can convince most people it is the real them and not just their ego.
So in order to make this struggle as short and sweat as possible, we must give up our identification with our gross body while we are still alive. We must acknowledge our Higher Nature now and act according to its dictates.
Once we do that, our internal conflicts will cease because we will have only one nature. Or we can continue trying to exist joyfully in differing Planes of Existence, which is of course impossible.