How to change Your Life (Part II)

My second method for changing my life is more drastic than merely asking myself "What would be different about my Life tomorrow if I did (or didn't) do that now?" However, it is simpler. In fact, it is so simple it requires no though once the decision to use this method has been made. Unfortunately, it is as difficult to follow through with as it is simple.

Sounds pretty crude, doesn't it? No Thought, but Lots of Will Power. Can you guess what it is? Well, no matter. Here it is:

"I Don't Do That."

That's all there is to it.

  • Lie: I don't do that.
  • Cheat: I don't do that.
  • Say or Do Nasty Things: I don't do that.
  • Drink, Smoke, Get High, Whatever:  I don't do that:


"I Don't Do That" is not just a rewording of "just say no." It goes beyond that. It actually means whatever behavior is in question happens to be something that is not in your make-up to do. For example, if you had a very attractive sister (or brother), you can acknowledge to yourself and others that yes, my sister is "hot." yet, the thought of your having sex with her would never even arise in your mind. It would just be something that is not included in your the set of possible behaviors. So it is not a question of just saying no. It is just not a question at all.

That's how I not only gave up eating All Flesh in one instant; it's actually how I never even craved it again. Now, don't misunderstand this method. Although it can truly change you; it doesn't make you stupid.  For example, I can still acknowledge that if I ate roast pig or Peking Duck, or Risotto Frutti de Mare, it would taste good to my tongue. But, that is not in question. Here's another, stronger example. People who have been "forced" to eat human flesh, say if tastes like pork. Indeed, human flesh is known as "Long Pork." So even if you like pork, what would happen if you while you were enjoying a pork diner, your host announced you were really eating human flesh. I am sure many would become violently ill. Why? Because eating human flesh is just not something they do.

Perhaps you are thinking that this method is easy to do when the issue at stake involves in trying to brake deeply ingrained taboos for something such as incest or cannibalism. And you are correct in that. However, you can make it almost as easy for other issues by examining them and your reasons for wanting to do them. Once you remove all the emotional junk surrounding an issue, you will probably be surprised at what you find at the bottom of the pile containing your justifications.

After you can pick yourself apart, you can then put yourself back together in such a way as to make you into a person who can say "I Don't Do That." If your family or friends remind you that you used to do that, you can truthfully tell them that that person doesn't exist anymore. The person who they see before them now doesn't do that. Notice I didn't add anymore. That's because the person who is in front of them was never in front of them before and never did anything before because that person never existed before. Remember, no one is who they were. Not even one second ago. And, in one instant, you won't be who you are now.

Sure, you may have to do some studying to arm yourself with pertinent information; but, so what. You will be able to convince yourself that this was truly a choice of one. There could be no other options for a person who believes what you do.

We must stop operating on auto-pilot. The less we leave to auto-pilot, the more we become in-charge of ourselves and our lives. It will be more work; but, do we really have anything Better to do? I don't think so.