How to Change Your Life (Part I)

In this two part article I am going to share with you two of my personal methods for changing my habits, and therefore, my life.

They are both very simple. How difficult they are to implement depends upon your State of Being.

The first method I use to control my desires is the most straight forward. I simply remember to ask myself what would be different about me tomorrow if I did not do whatever it is I am considering. If the answer is "Nothing." Then I have just put whatever it is into its proper prospective. This enables me to make a rational decision using my Power of Discernment and not my sense desires.

The same procedure works for actions you don't want to do. If you ask yourself what will be different tomorrow morning if I don't do this action; and, the answer is something rather important, it will be more difficult to ignore the action. If you still have trouble taking action, then ask yourself if you are Happy with the way things are now. If they answer is no, the only way to achieve the changes you want is to make changes that take you closer to your destination. Remember, if you do not change the direction you are heading in, you will probably end up where you are currently heading to.

Now of course, it is possible to say that one day more or less won't make a difference. And perhaps, that is usually true. However, there are two things to consider before heading down this road.

First, sometimes one day will make a difference. Sometimes timing is the most important part of the equation. It can matter more than the quantity, quality, frequency, etc. It is easy to forget how important this can be when the most important thing for us at a given moment is to satisfy our cravings and desires as soon as possible.

Secondly, remember that part of the way Karma works is by creating impressions (samskaras) in our subconscious mind that will surface again when the conditions are similar to those that created them in the first place. In other words, you are creating a predisposition to repeat that action (or inaction). If these impressions become strong enough, you will have created a habit which you will be stuck with until you can break it.

This method can change your life. By realizing what really affects your life and what can only affect how you think you feel can change the decisions you make; and, even the people you spend time with.

If you are already not a very nice person then spending time with other not so nice people won't change you very much; but, if you start spending time with nice people, you will be changed. Similarly, if you are a nice person and you start to spend time with people in pursuit of grosser pleasures, you will start to develop their values; and, thus you will start to have the same desires and goals.

So in the words of Steve Goodman: "Don't go Looking for Trouble.. Cause Trouble Will Find You."

Look for my second method in Part II of this article. My second method is the tougher of the two. However, if you can pull it off, you will have literally changed yourself. I don't mean for a moment or two; I mean changed as in permanently (of course, for our purposes, permanently means until the next time we change).