Giving Thanks

At this time of year, I would like to share some words I wrote a few years ago for our Thanksgiving Dinner. It is about the process of Giving Thanks

In order to feel as if we should give Thanks, we must first feel Grateful.

Without feeling Grateful, there is no need to give Thanks.

So today, let us try to be more Grateful for All That Is.

Let us remember, that in order to be Grateful, we have to believe what we have is not due solely to our own efforts. If we believe things our owed to us because we have earned them, paid for them or simply deserve them because we are special, then we will not feel Grateful for them because they are ours by right.

In order to not to believe we have something coming to us, we must first realize we are not as important as we would like to think we are.

So today, let us strive to feel a little less important to ourselves. 

However, let us not forget that feeling good is paramount to enjoying life. And we cannot feel good without some measure of Contentment. 

Without feeling some measure of Contentment, it would be hard to feel as if we have something to give Thanks for.

So today, let us try to be Content with what we have while still striving to improve our lives.

Lastly, let us remember that feeling Grateful for just one moment will not do us much good.

Let us resolve to be Grateful for at least one "something" All of the time.